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Vista Alta Lodge - Travel Tips

Important things to remember when planning your vacation:

There are NO Credit Card facilities at Vista Alta lodge. The Lodge operates strictly
on a Cash only basis. Please ensure you bring sufficient cash in either SA Rands;
US$ or Meticais for the duration of your stay.

Petrol & Diesel is available at Ponta do Ouro approx. 8km south of the Resort.

There are no medical facilities at the Resort – the nearest hospital is at Manguzi
in South Africa. Please bring a fully equipped first aid kit & include any
prescription medication; anti malaria prophylactics & anti histamines.

NO quad bikes or motor bikes are permitted to be driven or switched on inside
the Resort. Persons not adhering to this will be fined.

Resort speed limit is 20km – please drive slowly and be aware of small children.

All swimmers/beach goers – for your own safety, please keep well away from the
ski-boat launching area when swimming/snorkeling or relaxing on the beach.

Please do not park in the roads or on grassed garden areas.

Please report any problems direct to Reception (24 hrs)


No firearms will be allowed across the border and it may not be handed into any police station in South Africa, due to changes in legislation.

No animals will be allowed through either.

Travellers who have been to countries affected by Yellow Fever will need to have a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate.

Motorists whose cars are still financed by the bank need to get an authorisation and insurance repatriation confirmation from the same bank before attempting to cross the border.

Vehicles which are fully paid will require the original registration papers.

Should a different person, other than the owner, drive the car, the written permission of the owner is required.

Drivers are also advised to obtain an international driver’s license.

Travellers are urged not to pay fines to police or traffic officers and to rather pay them at any police station.

Avoid people claiming to be government officials who offer to complete travel documentation for a fee.
“These individuals are fraudsters and should be avoided. No fees are payable on either side of the border for the completion of documents.

Crossing the border from South Africa – Komatipoort Border Post(Lebombo) to Mozambique - Ressano Garcia:
Enter the gate and you will be given your gate pass which includes: your car registration and number of people in your vehicle.
Park your vehicle in the designated parking areas and enter the building, complete a vehicle temporary export
document and gate pass, have them both stamped.

If you have any questions go to the Customer Services Help Desk.

Proceed to immigration, with your passports, where they will be stamped.

If you have any export goods to declare, go to the Customs desk where your original invoices must be stamped.
Proceed to the Vehicle Registration desk (You should have all your vehicle registration documents) and collect the DA341
Complete the DA341 form and have it stamped with your gate pass by the official.

Proceed to Immigration desk along with your passport and gate pass and have your passport stamped.

If you are not a South African citizen and want to reclaim VAT, present the goods and original invoices at the
VAT counter for a VAT refund.

Return to your vehicle and give your gate pass to the official at the gate, at this stage a Customs Official may ask to search
your car. Proceed to the Mozambique border post.

At Mozambique Border:

You will receive a gate pass on entering Mozambique, make sure that you obey the directions and signals of the border
officers and that you stop or park where they show you. Proceed to the immigration building.

Do NOT to let the locals, help you, with the paperwork. Customs officials are not allowed to receive money, but helpers are,
so they work together. This means that together they will go through your belongings, to find something, to make you pay for, whereas the customs officials on his own is less likely to go through your belongings.

FOREIGN EXCHANGE; Do not use the private individual people alongside the road. Not only is this illegal but you stand a
good chance of being ripped off.

All passengers plus the driver must personally go through passport control at the immigration desk on the right as you walk in. in order to be allowed to enter Mozambique.
The driver will take the gate pass and temporary export permit to the customs desk across the room get them stamped and pay road tax MTn 26.50 (+- R7.00) at the Vehicle Registration desk (Rands not accepted).

You must have 3rd party insurance and road tax paid, this is R160,00 per vehicle.

Normal cameras and personal goods do not need to be declared, although if you are uncertain, ask.
If you are taking anything of high value or electronic equipment through, please declare these items.
Items like laptops must be declared AND TAKE NOTE fill in a separate form for each person.

Very important -make sure that you have your 3rd party insurance.

Exit the building and find a customs official, usually dressed in a blue uniform, with orange pull-over, he will check
your vehicle to see that no forbidden goods or plants are being brought into Mozambique.
He will sign your gate pass which you hand to the officer at the gate, who will then allow you through into Mozambique.

Customs - Visitors are exempt from paying import duty on personal effects, sporting and recreational equipment and food and consumables as follows: 5 litres wine, 1 litre spirits, 400 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars, 250 ml toilet water, 50 ml perfume.

Insurance - Medical
Medical Insurance is recommended.  If your current medical insurance does not cover travel, please contact
T.I.C. on +27 11 780 3300 or visit – be sure to include air evacuation from Mozambique in your cover.

The currency in Mozambique is Meticais.  The approximate rate of exchange is R1 =  MZM3300  - however, this rate fluctuates regularly. US$ as well as SA Rand are widely accepted.

Mozambique is a malarial area – please consult your doctor regarding the required prophylactics

The Law & Driving

Please note the following to avoid being fined:

  • Wear seat belts at all times
  • Display your emergency triangles in a visible place
  • Tow vehicles require a red triangle on the front bumper and on the back of the trailer
  • Keep to the speed limit – fines are payable immediately
  • Have your drivers licence, third party and vehicle registration papers handy
  • No firearms are permitted in Mozambique
  • Driving is not permitted on the beach unless you are launching a boat

Cellular Coverage

Cellular communications are covered by all the major networks and local SIM cards are readily available for purchase.

What to bring

  • Passport, Identity Book and Drivers Licence.
  • Copy of confirmed reservation notice.
  • Original Vehicle Registration Papers & Vehicle Third Party.
  • SA Vehicle clearance form from border & temporary import licences for motorcycles, boats, jet-skis and trailers.
  • 2 Triangles per vehicle & duplicate car keys.
  • Decals/Triangles for tow vehicles – front of tow vehicles and rear of towed vehicles.
  • Tyre pump and pressure gauge, tool kit and basic spares and tow rope.
  • Flash light, batteries and small first aid kit.
  • Camera, Sun Block, Sunglasses, Beach Umbrella and Caps.
  • Malaria prophylaxis,  insect repellent and medical insurance if required.
  • Snorkels, masks and fins.
  • Food and beverages, firelighters, charcoal & ice-packs.
  • Shampoo, Soap.
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